We have in our list, several negotiations completed for the acquisition of a property, we will present the most recent ones.

A #ClosingDay represents a very emotional moment, for families that culminate their goal of having their own home. For our #Realtors, by making the journey with them, and being in the front row, when this day comes... Priceless.

It has been very moving for our unstoppable @AngelicaBricenoRealtor, to be chosen by the Collazo family, to be their accomplice in this important election.⁣


This week, we want to "close" it with a happy ending and, of course, what better way to do it than with a #ClosingDay?⁣

Congratulations to the Ospino Gudelo Family! We appreciate the trust in #KayrosTeam and in our spectacular @AngelicaBricenoRealtor for allowing us to make this exciting day possible with surprises and joy! ⁣


This wonderful month is bringing spring forward, because the #ClosingDays don't stop blooming!⁣ Last week, it was the turn of the López family, who, helped by our precious @realtorclaudiagomez, obtained the keys to their home.⁣

We are glad to have the best team, in charge of making many families happy.⁣ The effort germinated with perseverance, affection and dedication, reap sure achievements!⁣


Last Friday, our tireless and successful @AngelicaBricenoRealtor had the joy of handing over the keys to her new home, to the Boscán Borges Family. Our Congratulations to them!⁣

We are very happy this #ClosingDay, since being part of the achievement of your goals is very rewarding; We are extremely grateful for your trust.


The Zetina family now has the keys to their new home!

From the hand of our beloved realtor @marlegonzalezrealtor they made it.

The entire Kayros Team wishes you blessings and continued success💪🏻, there is nothing more beautiful and satisfying than having your own home.


They are the Gálvez Arteaga, a beautiful family who decided to take that big step in their lives to prepare and fulfill their goals.

From the hand of our dearest @emelyurealtortan and just a month after placing their #undercontract property, they already received the keys to their long-awaited home.



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